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    正规永利娱乐网址When Peter had finished the letter he switched off the light and sat on, staring at the blue-faced window-pane.


    The house was unique for its size in England—so small and yet displaying so perfectly the three periods of its growth. It gained also from its setting because the hills rose behind the garden and the little wood like grey formless presences against the sky, and on the ridge below the house the village, with cottages of vast age and cottagers who seemed to have found the secret of eternal life, slumbered through the seasons, carrying on the tradition of their fathers and listening but dimly to the changes that were coming upon the world beyond them. The[Pg 197] village had done well in the War as the cross in front of the Post Office testified, but the War had changed its life amazingly little.
    "Yes indeed." Aunt Aggie's old familiar snort. "Millie always was too busy for her poor old Aunts."
    Henry and Millie were left there alone.


    1.They were beginning the world together. There was surely a fine omen in that. Apart they would do great things—but, together, was there anything they could not do?
    2."Do you want to get the damnedest hiding you've ever had in your young life?"
    3."Of course I was right," said Millie.
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